As the bride, all eyes will be on you on your big day, and your dress will be talked about for years to come! If you find the perfect dress it can make you feel like a princess; but if you get it wrong you could spend the rest of your married life hating your wedding photos! Follow our guide to finding the perfect dress and you can ensure you look amazing on your wedding day:

  • Dress for your figure: There are a wide variety of wedding dress styles that are designed to suit different figures. Begin by working out what type of figure you have, e.g. pear shaped, boyish, full-figured, petite etc, and research which styles suit you best. For example a large, voluptuous dress can swamp a petite woman and it will add unnecessary curves to a pear-shaped woman; but a voluptuous, curvy dress can help to give women with boyish figures the appearance of curves.
  • Consider the weather: In South Africa we are blessed with warm weather most of the year, so lighter fabrics will help you to keep cool on your wedding day. An elegant pashmina is ideal for covering up as the sun goes down in the evening. If you’re getting married in a different country then consider the climate at that time of year and plan your dress accordingly.
  • Stay within budget: Before you go dress shopping work out your budget; i.e. the maximum amount that you are willing and able to spend on your dress. It’s important to stick to your budget; remember that your wedding dress will only be worn for one day of your life so don’t  get into debt for the sake of a designer dress when there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available.
  • Do your research: In order to know what style of dress will suit you best you’ll need to try a few on! Don’t go to the dress shop alone, take your mother or bridesmaids with you so that they can give honest and constructive feedback about the dresses that you’re trying on. Try on some dresses that you might not have previously considered, you might find that they look much nicer on you than they do on the hanger!
  • Allow plenty of time: As with most things wedding-related, the earlier you can start shopping for your dress, the better. Last minute shopping can result in panic buying and coming away from the store with the wrong dress. Be sure to take your time, and plan your dress shopping agenda accordingly. Remember that custom-made dresses will take longer than off-the-peg dresses so allow plenty of time.