Plettenberg Bay, what a stunning venue,  and setting for the special bind between the everlasting love of Mathild and Willem. We started off with the pre-groom, where the boys were relaxing by the river lodge, playing guitar and making jokes.

The pre-bridal shoot took place with a breathtaking view of the ocean and beach. This was the perfect setting for the shoot.

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IMG__0002 IMG__0003 IMG__0004 IMG__0005 IMG__0006 IMG__0007 IMG__0008 IMG__0009 IMG__0010 IMG__0011 IMG__0012 IMG__0013 IMG__0014 IMG__0016 IMG__0017 IMG__0018 IMG__0019 IMG__0020 IMG__0021 IMG__0022 IMG__0023 IMG__0024 IMG__0028 Plettenberg Bay Wedding - Mathild & Willem