If you wanted average wedding photographs then you’d probably save yourself a bit of cash and get a friend to snap some shots on the big day. No one wants average wedding photographs, good wedding photographs aren’t even enough; everyone expects their wedding photographs to be breathtaking.

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous days of your life and your wedding photographs keep the day alive for many years to come, so there’s no way you should risk getting a photographer who is anything short of the best.

No matter what style of photography you choose for your wedding, whether it’s artistic, contemporary, reportage or classic there are a few ingredients that should be sprinkled in that will mean the difference between good photographs and exceptional ones.

  • Angle: A good photographer will always have a great eye for angles. The angle that a photograph is taken from can mean the difference between a mediocre photo and a visually stunning one. Choosing a creative angle can turn an ordinary shot into something beautiful and artistic.
  • Emotion: When you look back at your wedding photographs you don’t just want a record of the timetable of events, you want your photos to vividly capture the emotion and ambience of your big day in all of its vibrancy.
  • Little details: All wedding photography will capture the couple walking up the aisle, the exchange of rings, the cutting of the cake and the happy couple’s first dance. But a great photographer will capture all of these moments and more. A small child clapping their hands over their mouth as the groom kisses the bride, the wedding favours that you spent weeks searching for, and the custom-made cake toppers, it’s these little details that will make you gasp when you see your wedding photos for the first time.
  • Creativity: Photography is a form of art. A wedding photographer with a creative eye will see things that other people may not see and take shots in a way that will make your photos that little bit different. An artistic flair can mean the difference between a good photo and a stunning photo.
  • Lighting: Any photographer will tell you that lighting can make or break a photograph. A good photographer will know exactly how to work with the lighting that they have been given in order to get the best results and the most atmospheric and beautiful shots.